Malware Removal
Slow computer? Frequent pop-ups? Computer acting strange? This sounds like a virus. 
Bring us your computer and we can remove the Malware from it.

There are many different types of viruses, all with different symptoms and purposes. The Trojan, for example, comes into your computer and can corrupt data, delete files, crash the computer at the hackers will and log all the keys you are pressing. 

Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent malicious software from entering your computer. Antivirus programs are incredibly important for every PC and should have them installed. These, however, are not foolproof. Antivirus sometimes give false positives - they detect something as a virus when it is not. As a result of this Antiviruses are sometimes disabled by users allowing viruses to get in. Be cautious when disabling your Antivirus. Make sure you are letting a program from a trusted source in. 

Once Malware gets in it can get hard to remove. That is why we are here. Just bring your computer to us and we can remove the viruses from your computer. 

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