Computer Maintenance

  • Worried you might have a computer virus?
  • Is your computer running slower than it used to? 
  • Do you feel there is something wrong but you don't what it is?

Bring your computer in* for a full service and complete check-up. Includes:

        1. Diagnostic
        2. Clean up service
        3. Fine Tuning
        4. Disk Defrag
        5. Virus scan
        6. Updates

        Usually $79.90, but now $39.95 only.

        Don't miss out, Book Your Service today.

        *If you have fast internet we can do it remotely.
        * If you have 3 computers or more, service can be done at your location. 
        * Available for Windows based computers only.

        Computer Repairs Copy

          1. Over 20 years experience in the IT field.
          2. High qualifications
          3. Fast response time
          4. No fix no fee
          5. On-site and Off-site technical support
          6. Server Installation and Management
          7. Network design, configuration and support
          8. Hardware and Software installation
          9. Database Management
          10. Reliable computer support
          11. Value for money

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        Custom Built Computers

        PCs are built specifically according to your budget and requirements.
        Will also build server computer to cater for your unique circumstances.

        We give a quote according to your requests and requirements. This takes into account:

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